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Triclad® is an explosion cladded transition joint. We trust that you want to build the most reliable vessel, (cruise)ship or superyacht and you want to make the right choice for one of the most important welds in your ship. 

Triclad® Vacuum cladding
Oxides or melt pockets are controlled by size, granulation and frequenty over the bondingsurface of steel-aluminium. Oxides are not concentrated, but uncontrolled divided over the whole steel-aluminium surface. 
This results in a inconsistent bonding and strength.
More energy in cladding process so we can create the best surface aluminium to steel bonding. Less energy in cladding process (because the explosion is inside a bunker which can explode), so a weaker bonding surface.
Higher tensile and yield strength after simulated welding @ 300°C. More delamination hazard after simulated welding @ 300°C.
Bigger production capacity and no size limitations. Small production capacity due to limited and very expensive vacuum chambers.
Different production sites. One production site.

Triclad®, produced by NobelClad, is the smartest and most reliable choice you can make. We are so confident in our clad that we offer a guarantee: When properly formed and fabricated, our products will not disbond or we will replace them for free.

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