explosive bonding

What is explosion welding?

The process of explosive metal welding has been known for decades and is widely used in various industries. Explosive welding is seen as a relatively new and highly fascinating process. But what exactly is explosive bonding?

Explosive bonding is a solid state welding process. In the case of explosive bonding,two different metals are forced together under high pressure (using controlled explosive energy). This explosive welding process takes so long that the reaction zone between the two metals is microscopic.

Explosion bonding: the process

Explosion bonding
Explosion bonding welding
Explosion cladding explosion welding
Explosion cladding explosion welding
process explosion cladding
explosion welding process

The explosion bonding process explained

During the bonding process, different atomic layers are applied to the surface of the metal. The angle of impact between the two surfaces then forces the plasma to jet in front of the collision. This ensures that the surfaces of both metals are effectively srubbed. What remains is a new layer of metal.

The connecting line between the cladded metal and the other metal ensures that both are not affected in its original physical or mechanical properties. The great advantage of explosive bonding is that metallurgical incompatible systems can be brought together. If conventional heat cladding methods are used, the metal can become brittle.

Explosion bonds are produced at ambient temperature with virtually no dilution of either metal. This feature was demonstrated to allow the joining of very dissimilar metals without the production of undesirable alloys. Essentially, the process involves the use of the transient application of extremely high pressure at the interface between the two metals to produce the bond.

The advantages of explosion bonding

Explosive coatings offer a number of advantages over other coating techniques. This is because both materials retain their original density completely after bonding.

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