Our Product

TriClad® is an atmospheric cladded transition joint. Shipbuilders aim to build the most reliable ship, vessel or superyacht within budget and on-time. In order to do so, they have to make the right choices for the most important welds in a ship. The most sought out solution: welding aluminium to steel with TriClad®, the aluminium – steel transition joint.

TriClad® is produced as a parent plate in a standard size. This plate has a usable surface area of 1300 x 3800 mm, from which strips or other shapes are cut. Think for example of squares, rectangles, discs, or even complex shapes. The last two are obtained using a water jet that will minimize the need for finish machining.

In order to always provide shipbuilders with the best solution, TriClad® is available in custom shapes and sizes.

GradesSteelInterlayerAl AlloyThickness (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)
Standard TriClad®A516 gr.55Al 1050AAl 508634,5 (19+9,5+6)3800On demand
TriClad® 19A516 gr.55Al 1050AAl 508319 (10+5+4)3800On demand
TriClad® 28Shipbuilding steel gr. DAl 1050AAl 508328 (15+3+10)3800On demand
TriClad® 33Shipbuilding steel gr. DAl 1050AAl 508333 (20+3+10)3800On demand
Titanium TriClad®A516 gr. 55TitaniumAl 300330.5 (19+1.5+10)2750On demand
Stainless TriClad®316LTitaniumAl 300331.5 (20+1.5+10)2750On demand

The structural transition joints of TriClad® are Lloyds 3.2 approved. They use a patented bonding process that is certified according to the Military Specification MIL-J-24445A. We have sales representatives all over the world, so sending the material you require within 24 hours or being nearby to help with fabrication is always a priority.

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