Triclad's strucutural transition joints are used in various markets. With the help of Triclad®, many materials that would otherwise be mechanically attached can be permanently connected to each other.

In various industries (in particular shipbuilding), special bimetal strips are used to join parts together. These bimetal strips are obtained by explosion cladding, a solid state welding process that uses precision explosions. This technique ensures that two dissimilar metals that would normally be impossible to weld directly to each other can still be bonded. In addition to that, both metals retain their mechanical, electrical and corrosion properties. Because an explosion weld is achieved in milliseconds, no bulk heating will take place and the metals will not undergo any dilution.

These explosion welded strips are made of aluminium on one side and steel on the other side. Explosion welding can be used, for example, to weld an aluminium deckhouse onto a steel hull. Nobelclad, the manufacturer of Triclad®, has the most expertise manufacturing an aluminium to steel structural transition joint.

The process


Triclad® is a product of Merrem & la Porte and is produced by the biggest and oldest cladding company in the world: NobelClad. With more than 50 years of experience they know how to make the best transition joints in the world.

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