Joining aluminium to steel? Discover TriClad’s advantages!

TriClad® is a structural transition joint that helps shipbuilders build the most solid ship possible. When problems arise with joining dissimilar metals, this structural transition joint is the perfect solution. TriClad is used for joining structures that are made from dissimilar metals, like an aluminium structure to a steel structure.

TriClad® is the best product to save money on both construction and maintance. TriClad’s superior strength can connect a steel hull to an aluminium structure and is more reliable in comparison to mechanical fasteners. TriClad® structural transition joints (STJ) are synonymously used for joining structures made from dissimilar metals.

When problems occur with traditional mechanical means or when the fusion welding of two metals is not possible, many turn to TriClad®, the only product that has been serving the marine industry for more than 50 years!

Triclad applications

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