Aluminium steel welding

Can aluminium be welded to steel?

Aluminium can be relatively easily bonded to most other metals by adhesive or mechanical bonding. Unfortunately this does not apply to steel. To join aluminium and steel, special techniques are required.

When a metal such as steel is welded directly to aluminium, a very brittle intermetallic connection is created. These brittle connections are absolutely undesirable in shipbuilding, for example. Special techniques have been developed to avoid these kinds of compounds. This allows aluminium and steel to be connected to each other.

Use Triclad for welding aluminium to steel

Triclad is a high quality metal and is designed to join aluminium to steel. Three layers are homogenously bonded together is a special environment with the use of explosive welding.

Production of Triclad

Triclad is a special clad, developed to facilitate the joining of aluminium structures to steel structures. It is produced as a standard sized parent plate. Strips or other shapes can be cut from this parent plate. The metal grades chosen are designed to be compatible with the commonly used marine grades of aluminium and steel.

Welding aluminium to steel with transition joints

To join the dissimilar metals aluminium and steel, bimetallic strips are used. They facilitate the joining of dissimilar metals by welding. Aluminium and steel can not be joined by conventional welding processes. When mechanical joining techniques are used, corrosion sets in after a relatively short service life.

Welding aluminium and steel welding is required in shipbuilding

The use of transition joints can be found in marine constructions. A permanent, maintenance free joint between aluminium and steel is essential. Aluminium is being used in shipbuilding to reduce weight. However, it is quite expensive and therefore not used for the complete hull. The hull is mainly steel. Transition joints are used to join aluminium superstructures to steel decks or to joint aluminium decks to steel hulls.

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