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Welding aluminium to steel: TriClad

Merrem & la Porte BV is a multi divisional company with subsidaries in the Netherlands and Belgium, supplying high quality metals, glass fiber and non woven materials, Water & Sludge treatment, industrial filters for air, dust and liquid filtration including maintenance and service.

The HiTech Metals division of Merrem & la Porte BV is the worlds premier supplier of TriClad aluminium/ steel transition joints to the maritime industry. TriClad is a structural transition joint that is used to provide an efficient and maintenance free welded connection between aluminium and steel structures on board vessels and offshore constructions. Merrem & la Porte is committed to provide their TriClad customers with the best possible service, both technical and commercial.

Welding aluminium to steel

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TriClad gives you:

- The most competitive pricing available.

- Very short delivery time if not available off the shelf.

- Full mill test certification and LRS certificates at no extra cost.

- Prompt response to commercial enquiries with a target of same day response in 98% of cases.

- The quality, service and support that you may expect from an ISO 9001 approved company.

- The added value of TriClad as a registered trademark of Merrem & la Porte.

- The service of knowledgeable staff with a long experience in this specialised product, and the industry in which it is used.

- Quick response to technical queries with a target of same day response in 90% of cases.

- Flexible delivery terms, from ex-works to free delivered with payment terms to suit.

- Waterjet cutting equipment is available for special shapes such as circles, rings, bends and others.

- For special/demanding applications special TriClad versions are or can be made available.

- All cut pieces hard stamp marked for positive identification/traceability.

- Strips marked with LRS inspection logo.

- Type approvals held from various classification authorities.

- Material meeting MIL-J-24445A requirements.

- Full technical back-up.

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